6 details for a more beautiful bathroom in 5 minutes

6 details for a more beautiful bathroom in 5 minutes

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The bathroom is THE room in which to prepare for the day. A key place in the house for everyone, which can be made more beautiful in two stages, three movements.

Think of the small decorations

Are you lucky to have space on each side of the sinks? Instead of simply placing your cream or soap on the edge, opt for a beautiful saucer, a small decorated hollow plate or a container with candle. In bamboo, old stone or fluorescent PVC, the choice is vast.

Decorate your bathroom with plants

A bouquet of cut flowers in a small flask placed in the window frame, a simple glass plant placed in a pot next to the bathtub and here is your bathroom enlivened by a sacred drive for life. No need to break your piggy bank, three or four flowered and iridescent stems are enough to break the often rigid aesthetic of this pond.

Add a small piece of furniture

Do you have an empty space next to the shower or a shelf? Why not take the opportunity to slip this little vintage stool spotted in a flea market? A somewhat designer chair, a discreet table with crazy charm, and your bathroom immediately gains cachet.

Pay attention to the harmony of your bathroom linen

A large red towel, a green bathrobe, a blue washcloth ... Admittedly, your bathroom is far from being sad, but it must be admitted that this rainbow dimension is a bit cluttered. It is better to invest in a beautiful set of plain linen or, if you value color, find out about current trends (Aztec patterns, flowers, etc.).

Dress up the walls of your bathroom

Who says art stops at the bathroom door? No need to hang a king size Picasso, a beautiful hanging plant sliding along the wall or a set of small golden mirrors (very fashionable at the moment) to hang immediately takes effect. And why not a garland with tiny colored lanterns to be fixed above the shelf?

Think outside the box

Out the dirty plastic laundry basket seen and reviewed. Outside the square and sad bathroom trash can and the uniform bath mat. Hello the pop and trendy decor with its motivating messages written in the morning on the floor, its acidulous shower curtains, its designer and minimalist bathroom bins. Everyone has their own trend!


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