Estimate your wallpaper needs

Estimate your wallpaper needs

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The wallpaper and wall covering that is coming back more and more to the fore, and this for any room in the house, even the kitchen or bathroom. However, when buying rolls of wallpaper, it is important to estimate the quantity required so as not to end up with too many or too few strips. Here are some tips for estimating the amount you will need so you don't get stuck in the middle of a job.

Take into account the type of paper

The estimate of needs may be different depending on the wallpaper. You should know that plain wallpapers practically do not cause falls since it is not necessary to respect a specific connection.

For the installation of a patterned wall covering, you have to cut your strips so that all the patterns are at the same height. For patterned wallpaper with a connection, a pattern offset occurs between the strips. This offset is mentioned with the report on the roll label. So be very careful when buying and don't hesitate to ask an advisor.

Take the dimensions of your walls

Without exception, wallpapers are sold in rolls 10 meters long and 0.53 meters wide. First of all, measure the perimeter to be covered without taking the windows into account (except in the case of bay windows). Divide this measurement by 0.53 to obtain the number of strips. Then measure the height of your wall without counting the plinth. Remember to add 10 centimeters for the high and low cuts. Now calculate the number of strips you can make in a roll. All you have to do is divide the total number of strips by the number of strips per roll and don't forget to round up. Are you afraid of making a mistake? So use our wallpaper calculator! It will help you do your math!

Provide an additional roll of wallpaper

However, plan an additional roller to be sure you can do the touch-ups later, in case of water damage or future enlargement works for example. In addition, it is not uncommon for a wallpaper model to be out of stock or more on the market a few months after its release. Do not hesitate to ask the wallpaper seller to check your calculations or use the online calculators to estimate the number of rolls required. Note: some stores reimburse unused rolls, such as Chantemur.


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